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Short Syllabus

vendredi 26 février 2010.

The ERSOS Master Syllabus includes fives parts

 Part I. Systems

Image Quality, Satellite System, Mission Analysis, Geographical Information Systems, etc.

 Part II. Remote Sensing and Sensors

Remote Sensing, Optical Sensors (incl. LIDAR and IR), RADAR sensors, 3D...

 Part III. Image Analysis and Data Analysis

Computer vision, Optimization, Advanced Techniques in Space Imaging, Data Analysis...

 Part IV. Applications

Applications are divided into :

  • environmental issues,
  • civil issues,
  • and military issues.

Application domains are :

  • climatology and meteorology ;
  • oceanography ;
  • sustainable land management ;
  • forest, vegetation and agriculture ;
  • hydrology and water cycle ;
  • cartography and DEM ;
  • natural disasters ;
  • military environment.
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