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jeudi 13 avril 2017.

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Murdoch, Naomi and Mimoun, David and Garcia, Raphael and Rapin, William and Kawamura, Taichi and Lognonné, Philippe and Banfield, Don and Banerdt, Bruce Evaluating the Wind-Induced Mechanical Noise on the InSight Seismometers. (2017) Space Science Reviews. pp. 1-27. ISSN 0038-6308

Teanby, N. A. and Stevanović, J. and Wookey, J. and Murdoch, Naomi and Hurley, J. and Myhill, R. and Bowles, N. E. and Calcutt, S. B. and Pike, W. T. Seismic Coupling of Short-Period Wind Noise Through Mars’ Regolith for NASA’s InSight Lander. (2017) Space Science Reviews. pp. 1-16. ISSN 0038-6308

Murphy, Jim and Steakley, Kathryn and Balme, Matt and Deprez, Gregoire and Esposito, Francesca and Kahanpaa, Henrik and Lemmon, Mark and Lorenz, Ralph and Murdoch, Naomi and Neakrase, Lynn and Patel, Manish and Whelley, Patrick Field Measurements of Terrestrial and Martian Dust Devils. (2016) Space Science Reviews, vol. 203 (n° 1). pp. 39-87. ISSN 0038-6308

Khan, Amir and van Driel, M. and Böse, M. and Giardini, D. and Ceylan, S. and Yan, J. and Clinton, J. and Euchner, F. and Lognonné, P. and Murdoch, Naomi and Mimoun, David and Panning, M. and Knapmeyer, M. and Banerdt, W.B. Single-station and single-event marsquake location and inversion for structure using synthetic Martian waveforms. (2016) Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, vol. 258. pp. 28-42. ISSN 0031-9201

Sunday, C. and Murdoch, Naomi and Cherrier, Olivier and Morales Serrano, S. and Valeria Nardi, C. and Janin, T. and Avila Martinez, I. and Gourinat, Yves and Mimoun, David A novel facility for reduced-gravity testing: A setup for studying low-velocity collisions into granular surfaces. (2016) Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 87 (n° 8). pp. 084504. ISSN 0034-6748

Garcia, Raphael and Murdoch, Naomi and Mimoun, David Micro-meteoroid seismic uplift and regolith concentration on kilometric scale asteroids. (2015) Icarus, vol. 253. pp.159-168. ISSN 0019-1035

Lorenz, Ralph D. and Kedar, Sharon and Murdoch, Naomi and Lognonné, Philippe and Kawamura, Taichi and Mimoun, David and Banerdt, W. Bruce Seismometer Detection of Dust Devil Vortices by Ground Tilt. (2015) Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, vol. 105 (n° 6). pp. 3015-3023. ISSN 0037-1106

Delbo, Marco and Libourel, Guy and Wilkerson, Justin and Murdoch, Naomi and Michel, Patrick and Ramesh, K. T. and Ganino, Clément and Verati, Chrystele and Marchi, Simone Thermal fatigue as the origin of regolith on small asteroids. (2014) Nature, vol. 508 (n° 7495). pp. 233-236. ISSN 0028-0836

Murdoch, Naomi and Rozitis, B. and Nordstrom, K. and Green, S. F. and Michel, Patrick and Lophem, T.-L. de and Losert, W. Granular Convection in Microgravity. (2013) Physical Review Letters, vol. 110 (n° 1). ISSN 0031-9007

Murdoch, Naomi and Rozitis, B. and Green, S. F. and Michel, P. and de Lophem, T.- L. and Losert, W. Simulating regoliths in microgravity. (2013) Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol. 433 (n° 1). pp. 506-514. ISSN 0035-8711

Richardson, Derek C. and Walsh, Kevin J. and Murdoch, Naomi and Michel, Patrick Numerical simulations of granular dynamics: I. Hard-sphere discrete element method and tests. (2011) Icarus, vol. 212 (n° 1). pp. 427-437. ISSN 0019-1035

Book Section

Murdoch, Naomi and Sánchez, Paul and Schwartz, Stephen R. and Miyamoto, Hideaki Asteroid Surface Geophysics. (2015) In: Asteroids IV. (Space Science Series). The University of Arizona Press, pp. 799-824. ISBN 9780816532131

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