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Nouvelle traduction : Edito

mardi 14 octobre 2014.

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Associate Professor

Aerodynamics Energetics and Propulsion Department
Room 38.205
Tel : (05 61 33) 81 43
nicolas.garcia_rosa « at » isae.fr


  • Two-Phase Flows and Combustion
  • Aerospace Propulsion
  • Engineering Thermodynamics and Lab Work
  • Engine Performance


Within the Turbomachinery and Propulsion Research Team, my research activities focus on the experimental characterization of the unsteady flows in turbomachines and the impact on engine performance.

Experimental work is done in

  • a transsonic centrifugal compressor test bench, for isolated component performance studies
  • a high-bypass Turbofan test bed (25 kN), for whole engine studies

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