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jeudi 15 septembre 2016.

Please find below publications related to my work at ISAE-SUPAERO (only recent ones).

A full list of publications and citation metrics can be found here : http://www.researcherid.com/rid/B-2...

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Garcia, Raphael and Bruinsma, Sean and Massarweh, Lotfi and Eelco, Doornbos Medium-scale gravity wave activity in the thermosphere inferred from GOCE data. (2016) Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, vol. 121 (n° 8). pp. 8089-8102. ISSN 2169-9402

Brissaud, Quentin and Martin, Roland and Garcia, Raphael and Komatitsch, Dimitri Finite-difference numerical modelling of gravito-acoustic wave propagation in a windy and attenuating atmosphere. (2016) Geophysical Journal International, vol. 206 (n° 1). pp. 308-327. ISSN 0956-540X

Garcia, Raphael and Murdoch, Naomi and Mimoun, David Micro-meteoroid seismic uplift and regolith concentration on kilometric scale asteroids. (2015) Icarus, vol. 253. pp.159-168. ISSN 0019-1035

Garcia, Raphael and Doornbos, Eelco and Bruinsma, Sean and Hebert, Hélène Atmospheric gravity waves due to the Tohoku-Oki tsunami observed in the thermosphere by GOCE. (2014) Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, vol. 119 (n° 8). pp. 4498-4506. ISSN 2169-897X

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