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lundi 13 janvier 2014.


Jérôme Hugues is associate professor at the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Control of the Institute for Space and Aeronautics Engineering (ISAE) in Toulouse. He holds a PhD (2005) and engineering degree (2002) from Telecom ParisTech.

At ISAE, he is responsible of several real-time systems course. Starting in 2010, he is co-chair of the Embedded Systems Master (SM EMS) program at ENSEEIHT and ISAE.

His research interests are focused on software architecture to support the design of complex software-based real-time and embedded systems ; and programming languages and artifacts to support them. He is the involved in the development of free software :

  • PolyORB, an adaptable, verifiable and schizophrenic (encompassing CORBA, DSA, SOAP and MOM personalities) platform for real time systems, written in Ada ;
  • Ocarina toolchain, a compiler for the AADL language and associated model processor (code generation, gateway to model checkers, scheduling analysis tools, etc).
  • TASTE project to transfer Ocarina technologies to the space domain, with the European Space Agency, Ellidiss Technologies and Semantix

He is also a member of the SAE AS-2C committee working on the definition of the AADL architecture description language to assist the designer in various stages of its design : formal verification, dimensioning down to code generation. He is the main author of two annexes document for AADLv2, and a reviewer of the AADLv2 core document, and associated annexes.

 Conferences I am involved in

 Contact information

  • e-mail : jerome (dot) hugues (at) isae (dot) fr
  • Bureau F105 (Campus Jolimont) ,
  • Bureau (bis) Villa DA (Campus Rangueil)
  • Phone +33 (0) 5 61 33 91 84 (Jolimont), +33 (0) 5 61 33 89 94 (Rangueil)
  • Mail : Jérôme Hugues, DMIA, 10 avenue Edouard Belin - BP 54032 F-31055 Toulouse CEDEX 4
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